Friday, August 22, 2014


My 50th year of wonderful existence came in a flash.  Year after year seems to come unceremoniously and counting wrinkles on my used to be fresh face has become inevitable.  

Luckily at 50+, my generation seems to have retained all the heady zest of adolescence as we try to keep up with the demands of this modern time. We compete with our own children by affording to own updated 21st century gadgets while we bug them to teach us on how to operate. (I hope that my kids are not singled out for this dilemma.)

As I look forward to the future, looking back has become a habit. Although I am not wishing to turn back the hands of time (Heck, why should I? My life struggles were too great; it has produced blood, sweat and tears enough to compete with Ondoy flooding!) I love to be reminded of how I was that helped me become who I am now.

With vivid images,I remember being young, carefree, giggly…so full of energy and anxious about what life has to offer.  It was the time of Jeprokssosyal and baduy genres, not to mention the disco long playing albums big enough to cover a manhole…ah! Those were the good old days!

BUT the best of both worlds, so to speak, has made my generation lucky to have experienced different phases.  The technological evolution has taken us to greater heights and places as we get to be exposed to communication, computer and digital developments we never thought of possible during our younger years. The big changes have made it easier to communicate and coordinate no matter where you are in the world when, once upon a time, you needed to be physically present to make things happen. 

With how fast technologies advance, I am but certain that there are more in the offing…and I pray, that my generation will still be there STANDING strong, proud and capable not only because of one’s achievements in life but better off because of good health, and still looking fabulous worthy of a second look (the latter is for me, lol) to pursue a positive and gratifying existence. 

Let’s enjoy living! CHEEEEERS!!


Photo taken by my friend and bro, Mr. Bong Zamora.


  1. I think this is my fave amongst the three stories for this month (August). :)

  2. I am not yet 50...but this story relates to me so well. I'm not sure why. I'm thinking maybe it's because ever since I was a kid, I have always admired the people older than me. Until now, I still like spending more time with the older generations than with my own generation (especially the younger ones) because with time (usually) "wisdom" follows. I know I will someday go through what they are going through at the moment so it's precious to learn and listen to the older generations.

    1. Goodness! Your comment makes me feel than I a really am. lol! Just kidding...But I agree, associate yourself with people who are wiser, more experienced, and successful and you are sure to be heading to the same direction. Let's drink to that!!

  3. Yea lets drink to that!! For still being beautiful and worthy of a second look at our age.. cheers sister!!

  4. Hhhhhhmmmm....I wonder who posted this comment. Goodness, you should have given yourself a name; I got many sisters!! PM me pleaseeee...!