Saturday, August 23, 2014

Let me count the days...
Has it only been two days since the communication stopped?  Really?
My fingers hunger for the tapping motion and now, it's having a grand time indulging! Endless thoughts and ideas rush as if they were racing against time before the writer has a change of mind. Empty Starbucks cups began to pile up in the trash bin. And sans an ashtray packed of burnt cigarettes, I would give the impression that I were a professional writer. (Goodness! What's going on here?  Since I woke up this morning, I have been cooped up in my room doing nothing but tap, tap, belly is now rumbling and craving for solid food!  What time is it?)
But not so long ago, my room used to be occupied by voices interacting non-stop via on-line communication. My very observant mother would declare me sick if no earphones are properly inserted into my ears.  This must be the reason why she keeps on asking me if I were taking my vitamins as of late.  With earphones properly folded and cellphone buried deep inside my purse, who would not suspect that something was wrong? (Am I that predictable?)
But honestly, there's really nothing wrong.  Simply, circumstances change people and as much as we hate, growing apart sometimes becomes part of life's agenda.  Besides, there is more to life than sulk over spilled milk.  Perhaps, drinking your coffee black is not a bad idea? (Just kidding! :* )
Surprisingly, the deafening silence in my room hampers not the spirit.  
Breathing a sigh of relief, I realized that I am alone but not lonely...
But why on earth do I feel like Taylor Swift wanting to write about...what...a man? Nah! Alright then, why am I too engrossed?  Well, I could only surmise, it's the effect of that damn expensive coffee; I got too hyped up not wanting to stop.  

One realization though, occupied mind has no room for sadness, regret and hatred. And a good way to mend a broken heart? Go try this comforting combination:  Use the keyboard to exercise your fingers, the monitor to sharpen your eyes, Google to challenge your brain and blog to unload the emotional burden.  Ain't you glad that you need not wag your tongue?  :P
Let the tapping continue...
"Yaya Belen, order me another cappuccino please!!"




  1. Well written...funny, witty...I sense sadness behind the humor.

  2. Thank you...sadness? nah! humor? yes!