Friday, August 29, 2014

By Duckling GEM

You need not hide,
I will look your way but I won't see...

You need not run away,
I'll never chase, will let you be...

You need not feel guilty,
I shed my tears but won't be bitter...

You need not feel sorry,
There's more to life, I'm no quitter...

You need not ignore me,
To insist myself is the last thing that I will do...

You need not pretend you love me,
I'm not naive, I felt, I knew...

You need not think you've broken my heart,
I'm no fool, I knew  it was a game from the very start...

You need not say “Good-bye" to make me cry and hurt,
But would you kiss me one last? Then as friends...we part.



  1. I'm still young...and I wonder, how is it to fall in love? Now, I'm afraid. :(

    1. Do not be afraid to fall in love but take your time in choosing. Involve your parents and seek wisdom. If along the way you still get hurt, do not blame yourself or anyone. Also, remember that it's not the end of the world. Get up from your fall and move on... Life without its down moments would be boring. The hurts make a person stronger and wiser; use those lessons in life to your advantage.

  2. Love is's but one experience and it does not mean same situation with others.

  3. I feel sadness...why are women always on the losing end? :( I hate men! I can relate to this...

  4. So sad to think that we're always at the losing end, eventhough we know from the very start that there is no happy ending, but at least we tried and we learned from it...

  5. Sad heart is aching. MEN ARE REALLY FULL OF SH.T!!

  6. I HATE MEN!! THEY STINK!!! :(

  7. Not all men are the same...although I admire beautiful women, I love my girlfriend.

  8. Worry not, there are women who know how to get even...I have been fxckxn my men without them knowing they are nothing but toys for me!! To hell with them!! And felt good!!