Friday, August 22, 2014


She does not seem perturbed about her broken heart and I wonder...where does she get the strength?

She tossed and turned in bed for long hours, until finally, she came to a decision. With conviction, she started to type on her iPhone...advising him that she no longer wishes to stay in a relationship where she felt to be of no importance. (Sadly, her place in his heart has been downgraded; reduced to being a mere alarm clock that reminds him of her existence: “Time to wake up, mahal ko!...have you eaten your breakfast? …drop everything and eat lunch now!”) With no bitterness in her heart, she reminded herself that it was the right thing to do.  "There's no turning back!", she thought to herself. Hence, she sent him the messages in a swift graceful manner and composed past 12 AM! 

While driving on her way to work the following day, her heart felt a thump as she heard the usual sound from her cellphone.  How she wished it had the same joyful buzz but she knew better. Those overwhelmingly happy moments when she was being accompanied by his high spirited voice while she drives (through viber, facetime, name it..), whether it was a short or far distance, on skyway, ordinary roads and/or hi-way; those days and nights that made her feel so loved and protected were over! Her right hand trembled as it searched for her phone while her left knuckles were white as she gripped the steering wheel..."Focus on the road!", she scolded herself.

As expected, it was the dreaded reply from him. He has accepted her decision with resignation... “I’m not surprised at all if you had made that decision.  I won’t make any excuses but you know what my situation is right now.  I truly appreciate you…The time spent with you was precious and will always be in my heart forever...” Ugh! It was like a dagger stabbing my own heart; even I had difficulty reading! I can imagine the topsy-turvy emotions one has to cope given that same situation.

Simply, the two lovers have drifted apart…

BUT wasn't it months ago when she seemed to be the center of his universe?  Her voice alone was enough to make his spirit soar while her presence gave him a feeling of contentment and euphoria. Not to mention that once upon a time, they made a promise to each other that they would spend the rest of their lives together...and yes, they have asked God for 25 long years…for better or for worse (I should be dreaming here...the last phrase is a borrowed line from a marriage vow).  With blessings from their respective “happy” families, they have ventured the seas of a relationship thought to last a lifetime but sadly not.

Why then…suddenly?  What happened to that foundation built on love, mutual respect and trust?  Or, could it be a relationship founded so fleetingly on false hopes to cater to temporal and emotional desires? I could only make a sad, wild guess, it is the latter.

Sobs!  Why am I so affected?  I guess, being a woman who has had her own share of ups and downs in terms of past relationships…I know what another human being has to endure in moments like this.

Please allow me…I wish to grieve with her for the loss...but was it really her loss (or his)?  Or was it a simple case of a pinched heart? Nonetheless, it's a love story with unhappy ending worth tear-soaked tissue papers... OK girl, here's my shoulder...go on and cry your heart out...

But more than anything, I wish to celebrate and congratulate her for her courage.  Bruised alright, yet she has proven herself to be with placid disposition.  She has managed to leap, unafraid to fall, from the loveswept hysteria to the painful reality and realization.  Deserving of her liberation, she has succeeded to free herself from it all…to steer clear of further emotional havoc that has started to debilitate her emotional and physical being.  

I admire her grace in handling her pain in silence; I laud her and applaud!

Sniff…sniff!  Goodness! As I sobbed along, I realized I’m on my last layer of tissue sheets…I shall return with a fresh box…silly me!




  1. Love comes with pain when it's not 'well rehearsed' (this at least from a guy's perspective). For a man to handle a beautiful rose must do it right for him not to be thorned. As like the broken flower, the guy was hurt too, for sure.

    Well, it wasn't the girl's loss, but rather it was her gain to be a strong woman.

    Uh! matters of love are just always a learning experience. Until you come into familiarity on how the thing it goes, and get stronger, then the time comes which you shall not falter.

    Shakespeare said: "the course of true love never did run smooth."

    What important is after the storm, you survived and still afford to smile, ready to love and be loved again.

    1. It's my first blog and I feel so honored that it caught your attention. I thank you very much for your very sensible comments. Those are words of wisdom that every woman wishes to hear. Very inspiring!

  2. Your joy is your sorrow unmasked..... The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain. -The Prophet, Khalil Gibran

    I agree with nurr25 that it was her gain to be a strong woman. I wish that she realizes that without pain and sorrow we can never appreciate the luxury of being truly happy. Without this man, the girl would never have realized her value and rediscover her self-respect. When she is ready to love again in the future, she can give more for her being will know joy because of this pain.

    Best of luck to your friend!

  3. Another one yet to inspire our women readers particularly my girlfriend; thank you aldim! Let joy (not sorrow) be heard!!

  4. love will really make or break you, am happy to say you chose the first least you chose to move forward even with blurred vision as you cry your heart out�� we are only humans, we let emotions flow in order for us to see clearly and make good choices, whatever makes you happy, yun importante...

    1. ...a woman...a friend...a sister speaks from the heart and I truly appreciate! <3

  5. It never fails to impress me to see a woman who can bravely let go of precious things for her. More so, a person that is special to her! I wish many women out there would find this blog. They will surely learn a lesson or two when it comes to loving and letting go.

    True enough, love can make us feel wonderful and blessed. However, we should also know when to stop if love starts to fade despite of the efforts done. The worst isn't when you are in love with someone who doesn't love you back. Loving someone who used to love you is!

    Kudos to your decision girl! You just proved that it is not worthy to lose yourself just because you found him! :)

    1. "The worst isn't when you are in love with someone who doesn't love you back. Loving someone who used to love you is!"

      Do you think so? I think, both are equally painful. But the most painful for me is seeing a woman so madly in love; she takes all the blows while she blames herself when the relationship fails.

      Anyway, I thank you for your keen insight.

  6. Life is multi-faceted...When we enter relationships, there are so many flavors --sweet, bitter and sometimes sour. Its so natural for us to love and be loved... We all long for loving relationships. However, the most important thing after each relationship is how we emerge and realize the fact that life has so much to offer to make us more blissful...:)

    1. She has found herself humming a tune...then she stopped and reflected...she must be happy. And she realized, she is!

      Truly, life has so much to offer... <3

  7. Some people feel the rain...
    While others just want to get wet.
    But you, joyous of joy, dance in the storm...
    Glide, spin, strut, swing, and bow! :-)

    1. Drenched...but yeah, she dances in the storm...gracefully! Truly, a woman of joy... :D

      Rocky, you rock!! Cheers!

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  9. Pain is a tricky companion that plants constant seeds of doubt in our minds. There's a multitude of reasons for every action and reaction in our life, but I firmly believe that if you’ve been aiming true — living the life that you believe in and doing your best every day — even the crap storm has an incredibly useful purpose.
    I admire how this woman see the thick silver line over the clouds.
    Will she ever be the same again? Nope, and that is good because we are always changing, evolving and growing.
    There's purpose in this moment, she needs to keep working her way out of the shell. She has everything she needs, and nothing is permanent. This murky storm will clear and she will shine all the brighter. :)

  10. I remember what Ann Landers said after I read this story, "Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses."

  11. What's really important is that love allows you to carry around beliefs about
    yourself that make you feel special, desirable, precious, innately good.

    I agree that life truly has a lot of things to offer!

  12. Good stuff...good read! I commend your style...I see pain...but I also see triumph!! A woman empowered!!

  13. I'm crying buckets! It is my story too... :(